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Matthew Hoggan

C++ Software Developer

Name Matthew Hoggan
Address San Diego, CA
Phone +1 (818) 807-6288 (cell)


        I am a college graduate from California State University Northridge (CSUN), with two bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Geography, falling once class short of a Minor in Mathematics. My interest in computers and software development in general began shortly after taking my first course in Geographical Information Systems. My current goal is to engineer software that uses computer graphics to aid others in performing their tasks. I also enjoy solving logical and mathematical problems, and am an active participant on Project Euler. By the time I retire I hope to be activly engaged in contributing to open source drivers for graphics hardware within a linux based environment.

Unofficial Transcript as of Aug 25,2011


Current GPA: 3.72
Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science
California State University Northridge - June 2011
Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography
California State University Northridge - June 2011


(For more info please Download Download Resume (Note not as up to date as this page))
Software Engineer -- Nokia's HERE Mapping Division
Link: Company Web Site
Description: C++ Software Developer for 3D Map Editor
Skills and Roles: C++, Git, Gerrit Code Review, SCRUM, Linux SCM
Software Engineer -- Room 5 Solutions Illuminated
Link: Company Web Site
Description: Java/C++ Software Consultant for the Kindle Fire Phone
Skills and Roles: Android, Java, C++, Git, Gerrit Code Review, OpenGL, SCRUM
Software Engineer -- Apache 2.0 Licensed C++/OpenGL rendering engine
Link: GitHub Repository
Description: C++ Software Developer
Skills and Roles: OperGL 2.0 ES, C++99, Qt 4.7.4, Git
Software Engineer -- WV Communications, Inc.
Link: Company Web Site
Description: C++ Software Developer
Skills and Roles: OperGL 2.0+, C++99, Qt 4.2-4.7.4, Boost 1.50.1, libconfig-1.4.9, RPMs, Git, Agile Software Development, Real Time Strip Chart
Demo of Work:
Product Engineer -- Environmental Systems Research Institute
Link: Company Web Site
Description: Software Builder, Unit Test Writer, Linux Admin
Skills and Roles: GNUMake, Qt Qmake, CPP Unit, Borland StarTeam, SCRUM
Automated Development Environments -- Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Description: Automated basic Linux system administration/configurations tasks for developers at JPL.
Skills and Roles: Designer/Engineer, Bash and Csh Shell Scripting, RPM building, Perl Scripting, Cross division collaboration
Scorc3d Earth -- Senior Design Project
Link: GitHub Repository
Description: 3D Remake of the Popular 1990's game Scorched Earth.
Skills and Roles: C/C++, OpenGL ,GLSL Shaders, glut, Win32API, Unit Testing, System Testing, Project Manager, Developer, Linux System Admin, Subversion
Gtkmm Tutor Application -- Junior Design Project
Description: A gtkmm application used by tutor to communicate with a linux daemon on remote server which provided data to a web application used by a student.
Skills and Roles: C/C++, gtkmm threads, POSIX sockets, Project Manager, Lead developer, Git
Scripts/Misc -- Small Demos/Algorithms
Link: GitHub Repository
Description: Demos/Algorithms from School and Personal Projects
Skills and Roles: Sole devloper


Working Knowledge
  • C/C++
  • OpenGL
  • GLSL Shaders
  • Win32 API
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio
  • GNU Make
  • Nmake
  • Bash Scripts
  • Csh Scripts
  • Perl Scripts

Certifications & Training

GIS Certificate
California State University Northridge - June 2011